Train your muscles to
create the jazz sound
YOU want!
More than 80 exercises and examples
With sing-a-long-tracks
In this book, you will discover how to hear, feel, train, and choose different anatomical aspects of your voice like your true vocal folds, thyroid cartilage, and soft palate. With the visual aid of the Mixing Table Model (MTM), you will learn to explore, analyze, and choose different setups for your own voice. Learn to apply this insight to improve your vocal behavior in different jazz styles in an efficient way. The clarity and effectiveness of this Model will innovate your vocal jazz technique routine!
I have three thoughts:
1. This is fantastic.
2.Why didn’t I think this? This is fantastic!
3. Seriously, I’m kicking myself that I never thought of this, because it’s fantastic.

Dr. Justin Binek (Kansas City Kansas Community College)
An innovative methodology in Vocal Jazz Pedagogy!

This text investigates behaviors, both physical and emotional, while singing; it creatively engages in both left brain and right brain learning techniques. The premise is credible, and the process is practical, plausible and user friendly.
Students are encouraged to develop these skills under the watchful eye of a teacher and thus avoid any chance of vocal misuse.

Diana R Spradling, author of Jazz Singing: Developing Artistry and Authenticity